No update name provided in maintenance mode notice?


Odd observation and curious since I cannot use ncp at present…

Yesterday, I went to log in and was met with the notice of maintenance being performed.

I have ncp and nc set in the admin panel to be automatic.

When recent updates to either occurred (usually ncp) maintenance mode was left active, although the update was completed. I would have to manually shut off maintenance mode. Anytime an update was in progress (or completed), the maintenance mode notice in nc would not indicate what was in the process of being updated. It really should as it would avoid issues such as this being encountered.

Since recent updates in ncp would leave maintenance mode running and requiring me to shut it off, manually, this occurrence was handled no differently. I shut off maintenance mode via ssh, as usual. When I went to log in, I was met with not only the login, but also asking for db name, pw and so on. This is confusing.

Was nc actually being updated and I shut it down by exiting maintenance mode manually? There was no indication of an nc update. I that was the case and I was notified of that, I would not have shut off maintenance mode, at all. I would have just waited and let it finish what it was doing.

Today, it is still showing the same login and requesting db info. Since ncp handles all of that, I don’t know what it wants nor should I have to enter anything (to my knowledge, today).

Will I need to rebuild the instance? It’s not a big deal because I have a new sd card coming in the next couple of days and I have the opportunity to build my ncp instance with a higher capacity sd card. In case I do, I have obtained the most recent ncp release image.

Thank you very much.

solved in telegram