No stable Passwords app in NC 25?

Hello everyone,

I have upgraded my Nextcloud instance from 24 to 25.

Then I discovered (by suddenly losing access to all my passwords…) that the passwords app does not have a stable version for 25.

I upgraded manually to the nightly / instable version of the app (and recovered all my passwords).

Is there a place where I can learn what the issues are with the passwords app that need to be fixed for it to be declared stable again, and would someone halfway decent with PHP coding be useful in helping with this?


Hi @aaribaud

For most users this only happens once, because next time they will check whether all the 3rd party apps are ready for the new Nextcloud version. :wink:

GitHub would be the place: passwords/ at b00ab86d30ea97b0df27ff995ca317e94fea0b82 · marius-wieschollek/passwords · GitHub

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Hi @bb77 and thanks for the answer and link!

BTW: I would have loved to check beforehand! But as far as I can see, the site health page, when it mentions an available NC upgrade, does not mention whether any active app will become incompatible after updating. That makes checking compatibility a long manual process – unless I missed something of course.


Long? Well, that’s a relative term and it depends on how many apps you have installed and how many of them you really depend on.

Manual? Yes and it would certainly be nice be if there was some check integrated, that gives you a nice graphical overview, on which apps are already compatible with the next major version of Nextcloud.

However, most of the time there are still some rough edges in .0 or even in .1 releases anyways, so in case if there is any doubt, it’s always a good idea to wait a bit longer before upgrading a production instance to a new major version. Or you could run a separate test instance…

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In the admin overview you should already see which apps don’t have an update available before upgrading.

Whether an app has updates available and whether it will still work after a proposed NC update is applied are two different and independent things.

Just so readers of this thread know:

Passwords has a stable version again.