No Safari Browser Add-on

Is there any chance you are creating an Add-On for Safari browser? - half my users are using iPhone and/or Apple OS.

Thanks (in hope)

Not exactly what you asked for, but there is an app for iOS:

Thanks for that - will check it out. I was doing a comparison with SafeInCloud which has an App and a Browser Add-on.
Also, your app seems to be just for websites password records - do you intend extending it to be used for PC’s, cards and other apps.
I ask as it would be one less headache for me (though maybe a bit more for you :slight_smile: )?

It’s not my app. I also don’t use it myself and therefore don’t know the exact feature set of it. But I think it should be possible to store credentials for apps and other things in there, at least manually via copy & paste.

Here’s the issue tracker of the project if you want to place your suggestions or a feature request… GitHub - johannes-schliephake/nextcloud-passwords-ios: An iOS client for the Nextcloud Passwords app

The app can be used to store all kinds of passwords. You can leave the fields empty that you don’t need and add custom fields to store more information.
If you don’t want to install the app to try it out, you can use this test server (just be aware that it’s intended for development uses and really slow)