No push-notifications on calendar events


I’m having problems with the notifications for the calendar, or maybe it just doesn’t have the feature I’m seeking.

So, I’ve enabled notifications for a certain event. Email notification works, however, the “normal” notifications doesn’t work, I’m expecting a push notification to pop-up, like with Google Calendar, does that exist with NC calendar? I see in NextCloud in the bell icon, on menu line (notifications), it shows a read dot, is that the “normal” notification, no sound, no push notification? Is that it? Is it not possible to have an actual pop-up (push notification) ?


I am using an iPhone and for my calendars (owner, not shared with me) I get the typical notifications.
NC v23.0.2
Calendar app version v3.1.0

Please be more precide and describe in detail what kind of server and software version you’re using and on which kind of device and/or app you’re expecting to get push notifications.