No puedo loguear


Acabo de instalar Nextcloud y no puedo loguearme, pongo usuario y contraseña pero el botón de inicar sesión no responde y los enlaces internos dirigen todos a “#”.

Alguna sugerencia?


Let me mention that it might speed-up any replies, if you’re writing in English than in Spanish, because that the common language in this forum.

I don’t understand what you mean by "redirected to “#”, but it is always a good start to check your web server and Nextcloud log file first for any information which might prevent the software from starting.
Additionally it is always a good idea to describe your environment in which you’ve installed Nextcloud, OS, software, versions, etc., etc.

though he acted correctly… since he opened his thread under international - exactly the place to place your questions in other languages.

but - you are right, of course. usually you’ll get a better coverage if you’ll post in english.

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