No provision of mailfolders in nextcloud mail

I have nextcloud running on a centos7 host (NethServer) with a local LDAP account provider. On this server I run a mailserver (postfix+dovecot)
The mailboxes are provisioned through the LDAP account provider.
When loggin in the roundcube webclient, I have for each mailbox an Inbox, Sent, Drafts and Junk folder. However, when I log into the nextcloud mail app, these mailfolders are n ot shown. When I try to provision them through the settings (account settings in mail app) then default folders: when I click to select a folder it says: No Options availabel… I am a bit off here and could get a hint or two how to tackle this.
Nextclopud version is 21.0.3 and nexcloud mail is version 1.10.3

Anyone has a pointer to troubleshoot?

Bumping this topic another time.
Some extra info: Nextcloud is running on the same server as postfix and dovecot for the configured mailboxes in the nextcloud mail app.
On the same server I also have another webclient running: SOGo. In SOGo all the folders are provisioned too.
How can I provision the Sent, Trash and Concepts folder when those are not shown in the dropdown menu of the nextcloud mail app settings?

You set nextcloud mail up using IMAP? Or did you accidentally use POP3 instead?

The recent version of the mail-app is 1.10.5

@Larry_Boyd Correct, IMAP is configured.
Also other webmail applications like SOGo and Roundcube on the same server are configured as IMAP clients.
@Mornsgrans installed version of the nextcloud mail app is 1.10.5