No private contacts when add new user inc. group

If i create a new user and add him to an existing group (!!! the group shares his contacts !!!).
When the user login the first time and select contacts he only see the group contacts - his own are missing.

Workaround: Create the user without group - let him login, select contacts and log out. Add him to the group and with the next loggin all works fine.

Correct me if I’m wrong, you create a new user and directly add him to a group.
This group has a shared addressbook from one of the users in the group.
When the new user now logs in and selects the contacts app,
he only has the shared addressbook and no own addressbook?

In this case, this is not directly a bug in my opinion, since the new user can create new addressbooks
and he has access to the shared addressbook.

Edit: I can think of cases, where you only want a shared addressbook and no personal addressbooks.

First - yes you are right.
Ok, yes the user can create a new addressbook and store his private contacts there - but this is not consistent because e.g. files are displayed correct: private and shared.

And I’m so sorry to add my request to this discution
I created a few users and I directely add their to a group
This users can see all contacts and not only users in this group
How can I restrict the list of visible contacts to members of this group to members