No Photos on Iphone 15

i had an iphone12 and tranfer all to my new iphone15.
my old photos are under the dir medien, but all new taken Photos are not in this dir. Where are they?

If I change my phone, I do a backup on my computer with iTunes, and I restore the new phone from this backup. Or if you have a new phone, it can also transfer everything from the old one to the new one. This should then also transfer the local photo library on your phone.

The photos synced to Nextcloud should start working on the new phone again. If you take new pictures, it should upload like it was done before as well (Nextcloud app should be copied with the settings of your previous phone). I don’t know why, but in case the settings of your Nextcloud app are not correct on your new phone (and if it is just that), I’d take both phones side by side and just quickly go through the config settings of the Nextcloud app. Because there is a settings that defines the target folder of photos being uploaded to.