No permission for user's nested folders on SMB external storage

Nextcloud version : 20.0.8
Operating system and version : Ubuntu 20.04
Apache or nginx version : Apache/2.4.41
PHP version : 7.4

The issue you are facing:

Hi there,

I’ve been using Nextcloud for some months and it’s been great. I’ve got a TrueNAS VM running two SMB shares - 1 x User Share, 1 x User Homes. These two shares are working as expected via a Zentyal AC & DC.

I have setup the DC to provide AD integration and it works well.

What I ideally wanted to achieve was to have the ability for users to have external access to the share but also their home directory.

I’ve gotten as far as having correct permissions for the shares and the nextcloud mapping the correct home dir to the user.

Share permissions were fairly easy however when I get to the home directories, that’s another matter.

What does work is the Nextcloud uses the $user variable and maps the right home folder. The user can browse their folders fine but what doesn’t work is being able to write into the sub-folders such as Desktop, Documents etc.

The user can write into the top level of their folder. EG:

CAN upload a doc to “nas\homes\username”

CANNOT upload a doc to “nas\homes\username\Desktop”

Authentication type is currently “Log-in credentials, save in session”

My Nextcloud AD bind user has full write access to the home directories and subdirectories.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Read-only isn’t the end of the world but you know when you’re almost there!! So hopefully somebody will be able to help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Anyone? :pleading_face: