No overlay icons in nautilus (Ubuntu 18)

i don’t see the overlay icons in nautilus under Ubuntu 18. Neither if i push right mouse click i don’t see the context menu. Is this both not working onder Linux/Ubuntu or something wrong in the configuration? which i can change?

The same thing happens under Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu 18.04). Dropbox shows its overlays but Nextcloud does not. (Neither did Owncloud) so I had assumed that was normal.

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no this should work. i installed the 2.6 version on Ubuntu 19 but still don’t see the overlay icons, unfortunately…

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The same on nautilus Ubuntu 18.04.

The same on Linux Mint 19.3, two different computers, Nextcloud client 2.6.3. Any help would be gratefully received.

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Have you installed the python-nautilus package ?

i can’t find that in “Ubuntu Software”, seems not available in there.

I ran “sudo apt install python-nautilus” from the command line. It did install but still no overlay icons.

  1. I did “sudo apt install python-nautilus”. Installed, no change (I did reboot just in case).
  2. Following another suggestion, I then did “sudo apt install nextcloud-client-nautilus”. Still doesn’t work, rebooted again.
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Replying to schworak 2 posts below - not allowed another post as I’m a newbie to this forum:

Thank you very much. I was running the AppImage having already purged every other version & related stuff, so I just removed the AppImage from the startup menu, then tried
sudo apt install nemo-python nextcloud-client-nemo
which did the job, no reboot required, overlay icons and context menu both working. The version that installed was 2.6.3.

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Just a quick note. Mint is running Nemo as the file manager. But still, installing nemo-python and nextcloud-client-nemo have no impact on getting the overlays to work.

It started working!!!

Ok, here are the steps I did…

  1. sudo dpkg -l | grep “nextcloud”
  2. Uninstall EVERYTHING related to nextcloud using the purge option
  3. If you have previously installed nautilus-python, nextcloud-client-nautilus (or the nemo or other versions) remove them too using the purge option
  4. sudo apt install nextcloud-client
    (or install the appimage rather than using apt)

If you are running Ubuntu you probably want to install the nautilus versions, but I am on Mint so I need the nemo versions of these next steps. There are other versions for use with other file managers too.

  1. sudo apt install nemo-python nextcloud-client-nemo

I didn’t have to reboot, but if things don’t work for your at this point try rebooting. Please note that it took several minutes for the overlays to show up. I am assuming they are only checked every so often and it just takes time for them to synchronize the first go around.

Hope this helps.

Does installing via apt give you the 2.6.3 version of the client ?

Shockingly, no it doesn’t. You can install the appimage vesrion rather than the apt version. That one step should give the same results. Not sure how to fully uninstall an appimage version. I haven’t used them much yet.

installed PPA and now it’s working for me in Ubuntu20 (meanwhile updated from 18 to 20)

Would you mind explaining how you did this? Which PPA did you use? I’m having this problem on Ubuntu20, and none of the previous solution is working for me.

Nevermind, I figured it out today: I needed to install the package nextcloud-desktop-common. For the client, I am using the AppImage, but it seems that this package is necessary for the icons to appear in nautilus.

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