No offer to upgrade to Version 18 yet

Hi all,

I’m running NC 17.0.6 stable. I still have not yet seen an upgrade note to upgrade to NC 18.
Even if I switch to beta i only get information that i have the current version.

Is this intended behaviour and I am only end of queue and have to wait longer, or is sth. wrong here?

I will be happy to give additional information if needed.


Nextcloud version (17.0.6 stable):
Operating system and version (SME-Server 9.2 which is based on CentOS 6.9):
Apache (Apache/2.2.15):
PHP version (php 7.2):

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I have the same problem,
cannot get an update offer yet.
Same installation but on ubuntu-server 18.04.

Found the culprit. I needed to update my php to at least php7.2
There are other threads which help for that.
After that and waiting another 5 minutes and set update channel to beta. I got offered to update to version 18.0.5RC1