No notifications for Talk group chat

Group notifications aren’t working on mobile devices iOS/Android.
Android apps are installed from Google Play Store.

iOS app version Nextcloud Talk 11.1.3
Android app version Nextcloud Talk 11.1.0

Nextcloud 20.0.9 (snap version)

nextcloud.occ notifications:test-push
nextcloud.occ notifications:test-push --talk

return Push notification sent successfully but
on iOS the client receives a new notification with text “New notification : You received a new notification that could not be decrypted”
on Android client nothing happens

Reauthenticating apps does not change anything.

Messages are notified on group chats if the user is tagged with @ before the username, but does not make sense.

Can you confirm group chat notification should be working ?



Try Nextcloud-Push / Direct-Push Proxy v2 · GitLab

Install that to Nextcloud, then in Settings → Personal → Mobile Push Messages, there will be a link to the Android application that goes with it.

Thank you

how can I install it if I have a snap installation ?

Thank you