No notifications for chat/calls

Hi all, just dived in to nextcloud and i think i hastily locked in with a managed nextcloud hosting.

It is all set up and I am testing it but

  1. i can’t find any desktop client for talk (like skype, which I thought would be standard due to the android app)

  2. in the absence of a desktop client the only option is in browser. The problem is the browser is providing NO notifications of new messages or calls. Literally you have to be staring at the page to know someone is trying to contact you.

Please tell me I have miserably failed in setting this up properly and this is not how it is?

It’s true there is no dedicated Talk desktop client. but in the meanwhile regular desktop client shows talk notifications and opens Talk rooms. There are native mobile Talk clients.

The desktop client will pop up notifications when you get calls or messages, provided you don’t already have the convo open in the browser or another device.

The calls and messages themselves will open in a browser. Only iOS/Android have a dedicated Talk app.

You should be able to enable browser notifications as well. They work in Firefox for me.

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Is there a specific reason for no client?

While i was searching for answers there were topics from at least 2019 recommending this.

Adding a client like skype, in my opinion, would just blow everything else out of the water.