No notification mails are sent

Hey there,

i would also like to get some help about the hourly mail notification feature.

I set up smtp mail configuration on two complete different NC Servers. Both time the test mail was sent quite immidiatly without any problem.

If I turn on e-mail notification for Users (e.g. when files are changed or deleted in shared folders…) there is no e-mail notification at all. I even tried to turn off the stream notification in case it disables e-mail notification if the user is just logged in…

Only one server gave me a notification once, about 20 hours later that a file was deleted. My goal is to get hourly notification.

Second question would be: If i set up to “daily”, is there any possibility to set a time? Like “8:00 am daily”?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry your post was not related to the initial post (notification mails were sent out but not fast enough). Please check your logfiles and check if your cronjobs run regularly (can be seen on the admin page).