No nextcloud-desktop builds for ubuntu focal in official PPA

Hi! I’ve seen that there are no nextcloud-desktop builds for Focal since August in the official PPA:

Is this intended?


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cc @Daphne

Hm the only thing I know is that the official download links are here -

I think the ubuntu ppa is community-maintained by István Váradi.

Great! I didn’t find his user when I opened this, but now I did! Thanks @szaimen

Can you help @ivaradi ?

I can’t speak for @ivaradi of course. But as far as I remember, it has always been the case that the latest client version has only been available for the current Ubuntu LTS and for the latest one or two interim releases. Or at least this was the case when I still used Ubuntu and PopOS a few years ago. The main reason for this are probably outdated versions of certain dependencies in older Ubuntu releases, like Qt or OpenSSL etc…

Focal support had been possible only by patching the source code for quite a long time before last August. Then it was decided (by me and some Nextcloud developers) to stop supporting Focal, especially that the new LTS release was available.

So it is intentional.

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