No more authentication after upgrade to Nextcloud 14

Hi everybody,
I switched to Nextcloud 14 beta 10 days ago and i made the upgrade to RC1 yesterday.
I used to authenticate with the “Two Factor TOTP Provider” plugin for monthes under V13.X.

Before the upgrade, when i closed my browser and tried to connect the next day, i had to authenticate again (which was the way it was expected to do).
Since the upgrade, i realized that there is no more session timeout and everytime i power up my computer my browser is still connected to my Nextloud instance.
I need to disconnect if i want to log in again.
I think that it is not safe for the server’s security and i wanted to know if you were aware of this problem and / or if there was workaround right now?

Thanks a lot for your appreciated help!

Same here. Upgraded to 14.0.1 yesterday and now a session never expires. After logging in once, closing the browser and opening it back up finds the user still logged in. Only way to actually close the session is to log out the user with the log-out menu option.

It’s strange that we are so few to be impacted.

Do you also use the TOTP plugin?