No metadata coming through from Android

Hello! I’m brand new to Nextcloud so please excuse any ignorance on my part.

I’m running the latest Nextcloud docker for a Unraid server (latest Unraid) and also have it on my phone (Samsung S10 Plus) and it is the latest Android version.

I just finished setting up this Nextcloud ecosystem today…so like I said, very new to Nextcloud.

My issue is that it is syncing 30GB of pictures from my phone and some of them have no metadata at all (metadate which does show on my phone). The Instant Upload created 3 folders in Nextcloud based on 3 folders on my phone that I want to sync. In two of the folders the date of the images is generic like “a year ago” instead of the actual date and I can’t find the actual date at all in Nextcloud. The third folder didn’t bring the date over at all, in Nextcloud it is showing the time that it moved into Nextcloud vs the date it was taken. Additionally, none of the three folders is showing additional metadata such as GPS location (which is in my phone). I can live without the GPS location, however I really do need the actual date and time of each picture. Some are work related and we use the dates (actually have been known to use the gps location as well but that is more rare so just trying to figure out the necessity at this point).

Thanks for any assistance! Its greatly appreciated!

Also, is there a way to get videos that were on my Android phone, which have been synced to Nextcloud, to show a thumbnail that’s relative to the video like my phone does? Same with pdf’s to show a thumbnail of the pdf instead of the same generic thumbnail for all of them.

With no metadata and no thumbnails for videos, it may end up that I cant really use Nextcloud…so hoping theres a way to make these things happen.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

So is it normal for Nextcloud to not bring over any metadata? Even the date??