No Longer seeing notes

I no longer see notes here is what happened.
I was running Nextcloud 18.0.4 with Carnet, had a few notes. Edited a note and deleted a picture from it. After that it started saying “oops something went wrong” whenever I clicked on the carnet tab in the navigatoin bar. I thought to re-install the app to see if that fixed anything.

I uninstalled the app from Nextcloud however after uninstalling the app from my nextcloud instance I also noticed there was a Nextcloud update 18.0.6, which I installed before trying to reinstall carnet.

Carnet no longer showed up in the apps store so per a previoud thread i downloaded the zip file from get hub and placed the contents in the carnet folder in the app directory. I then enabled it from nextcloud. The icon shows up on the navigation bar but when I click on it I just get a blank screen, nothing else. No error message.

Is there a way to repair/reset the carnet database? I only had a few notes and don’t care if I don’t get them back.

Maybe you find some more information here:

I get the app to load in nextcloud, but it doesn’t show any notes or any way to make notes on my server. It started after it was working fine. Its not an install problem, just need a way to reset it it or repair the database.

Finally figured it out on my own. Downloading it from the github repo it was incomplete, It is missing all the files in the apps/carnet/templates/CarnetElectron directory.
So after downloading, unzipping and placing the files extracted from in the carnet app folder I also had to download the latest version of CarnetElectron which can be found by going to and downloading the zip and extracting it to the apps/carnet/templates/CarnetElectron folder.