No locked file when open

Hi, I’m testing Nextcloud for use, but I have one problem, we have 3 users, 1 is sharing a folder with office documents to others, when user A open a docx file and at the same time the user B open the same document, it not get any opened message, all two can modify the file, the last that save get a conflict file, but I think that it will be normal that the user B get a message that is using for user A and open in read, and when user A close, user B get a messages that said that isn’t opened, is possible that?? or at last gets message that is opened and open in read mode?


Well… Nextcloud is not a file server and it shouldn’t be treated as one. There is no locking mechanism for locally synched files and there probably will never be any.

for synched files I understand, but for webdav connection?

I think as for WebDAV, it depends on the client. There are a couple of discussions around this topic on this forum, have you tried to search for them?

Yes I tried but not found nothing, I tried, Windows native client, webdrive, netdrive and Mountain Duck…