No lines displayed on map


I’ve recently installed the NC PhoneTrack app in my self-hosted NC16. I’m using the PhoneTrack Android app for logging, and it seems to work very well.

However, I’m only seeing the current position of my device on the map (in the browser), but no lines (past positions). I toggled lines to “on” in the session config and activated “Show lines” in the options.

Is there anything else I have to do to make this work? Statistics say I have around 100 points, and it gives me avg speed and max speed, but no distance and duration. Is this perhaps related?

It’s probably a PEBKAC issue :wink: But I couldn’t find anything in the docs or this forum that helps me solve it.

Regards and thanks for this otherwise great app!

Meanwhile, I had upgraded to NC 17, but the problem was still persisted. :neutral_face:

So I started fiddling with the options both client and server side. Turns out that if I set the update interval in the Phonetrack Android app to < 60s (using 20s for now) and enable “GPS always on”, I get not only dots, but also lines on my map in the Phonetrack server app. :+1:

I’m not yet sure if the requests are different or sth. happens in the NC app. I’ve installed NC locally to debug the issue but haven’t found the time to do so.

I’ll update this thread if I find sth.

Ok, I probably found the solution: My (the default?) cutdistance and cuttime settings were too low. Or was I riding too fast? :wink:

I was not aware that the minimum distance related to the track lines display on the map. Now I set both values to very high values, and my tracks/lines are displayed.

I have the same “error” than you. Can you share the values you set for cutdistance and cuttime settings?
I’ve actually 2000m & 120s, I still don’t see lines :frowning:


Hi @polochon777 - I’ve got 1000m and 6000s.

Thanks for sharing, but I have still no lines displayed at all… :cry:

I have the same issue. No lines on the map, and no points beyond the current position. Increasing the values for cut time and cut distance does not appear to fix it.


Edit: Figured it out! There’s a little button next to the session that toggles line displays. I had no idea it was there since it’s completely invisible on the dark color theme.


NextCloud is really a nice piece of software, as is PhoneTrack. Things are a bit tricky to figure out/debug in-order to get some things working right but is effort is worth it. Thanks for making it available to those of us who are hobbyists. Am happy to provide feedback and tips because they are so generous.

In order to get the tracking lines to show up on the PhoneTrack map there are four (4) items which have to be right.

The first, as other have pointed out, is the minimum distance and time to cut have to be set. Choose overly large values at first to get it working.

The second is “Show Lines” has to be checked.


The third is almost invisible “Show Lines” in the individual “Tracking sessions” has to be toggled.


The fourth is the little slider in the tracking sessions, in the pic, is to the left of “Motorola Power G”, has to be slid to the right else you won’t see the almost invisible toggle.

Hint: Turn the filters off to get started. Once you see the lines then adjust the filter to narrow down what is plotted.

Do all four of these things and you’ll see lines on the map.

Good Luck

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thank you @Onai

I’m going to try your tips. The third point (show lines in individual track sessión) is almost impossible (to me) to know if it’s active or not, so now I’m gonna try as it is and if not working then I would toggle it again :frowning:

This could be one item to improve from the accessibility point of view, make clearer when an option is active or not (in both light and dark themes).