No-IP + External Access OK + Internal Access NO + Mikrotik

Hello guys, I have been reading many Q&A about my issue on the forum, but none were the same as mine. Many topics were the same, but with different structure.
Basically, I have setup nextcloud on an VM with Apache, it is working perfectly when I am out, however when I come back home, it doesn´t find my domain? I have mikrotik, domain setup on no-ip. If I try to access it via IP it works. So, how could I redirect the internal request to my external domain or redirect the domain to my internal address when I on my home network? thanks

You need to configure your DNS Service. If it knows your domain locally it can redirect you to the server :wink:

If it is in a home network, dnsmasq is the trick…

that’t what I am looking for.

search for it… thanks