No idea what to do

Can you give more context?

Can we please just delete my topics?

Hey @ts678

Thank you very much for the insights! Just to be sure, do you know if redis is configured and used or was this just a suggested solution?

@Adramelramalech i am really glad that you have learned how to open new issues.

but it would be nice if you’d keep to at least one and try solving it first instead of opening a new one. If you haven’t noticed yet ppl here are REALLY trying to help you… but if you’s always start anew maybe other ppl would chime in and they would need all of your infos again (btw: @SysKeeper did a great job collecting at least SOME details about your server. that alone is an outstanding action and far from “why don’t you like me here on the forum?”)

you could install app issue template to your server, run ist and copy&paste the output here
this would give us many many informations…

but as @ts678 said… the problem could be somewhere else. As much as I understood from it it could only be solved by someone being able to code.

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Hey Jimmy look at our PM’s. Seriously?

I have no information on configuration. Someone could maybe lead user to check.
There seems to be a general problem with getting started, as per title of this topic.
The manual I cited says how to set config.php to Redis but needs prior knowledge.

At user forum level (if that is what this is), sometimes workaround is all one can get.
Basically, if one path (database locking) doesn’t survive, maybe use a different path.

Info about file locking is another post (from 2016) where using Redis helped locking.
It followed the path of the post I cited, starting with a clean up the file locks table fix.
This, though, assumes that someone knows how to get into the database to do that.

Server locked 423 error #30651
looks like OP effort on engaging Nextcloud server GitHub. It got closed, linking here.

You should be thankful to @JimmyKater and others here that they even trying to help you. It is not the task of forum participants to gather information from multiple threads and PMs to give you a concised answer. It is your task to describe your problem as concised as possible. Your problem is not a lack of technical skills, but a lack of communication skills combined with your demanding tone.


That is indeed a problem we have here as well. There were/are different attempts/suggestions to retrieve basic information about the problem and the environment.
To be fair, the issue you linked (Server locked 423 error · Issue #30651 · nextcloud/server · GitHub) suffers from the same problem, as does a issue posted by the same user on the duplicati issue tracker (Server locked · Issue #4614 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub).

It’s still not clear to me (us?) how comfortable @Adramelramalech is with his server, the cli, etc. Therefore it’s hard to judge if setting up redis is easy or not. There’re different tutorials out there on how to install nextcloud and set-up redis, those might be a good starting point.

Checking if redis is configured can be checked in the config file (config/config.php). There should be a entry for memcache.locking. If accessing config/config.php is not suitable, the app issue template can be installed (as suggested by @JimmyKater), the config file with removed sensitive values can be retrieved there. Third option that comes to my mind would be the monitoring-api. This can be retrieved by the url /ocs/v2.php/apps/serverinfo/api/v1/info. In the case of @Adramelramalech this should translate to OrtCloud I guess.

The Exception in duplicati comes from this part of the code (juding from the exception in the duplicati forum): duplicati/WEBDAV.cs at 82c14c5cb77166393f73e0cfcb77e075faecb8c3 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub So duplicati will not treat the locked response any differently to other errors.
Sadly I’m not sure how to trigger the error, in a quick test doing a backup with duplicati to nextcloud all operations were successful. Of course this was just a test case and not running over multiple days.

A stumbled upon a few options in duplicati which might be worth a try, but just wild guesses…
no-connection-reuse, so each operation does use it’s own connection
number-of-retries, might be worth increasing? Not sure if the exception thrown prevents a retry though?
retry-delay, might also be worth increasing
synchronous-upload, might be worth a try.

Maybe @ts678 has an opinion about these options?

Thanks for trying so hard. I know there are other successful Nextcloud users (unknown count).

Retries can’t usually retry through a “solid” error, which this seems to be, based on long history.
What would have been nice would have been About → Show log → Live → Retry to watch error.

I made offers to help debug – didn’t get anywhere. Possibly more and longer retries could help.
synchronous-upload isn’t much used. I’m not sure how well it works, but it’s another wild guess.

A possible debug path would be first get a good look at the overall activity from the failure, then (assuming it’s always a delete 423) try other tools like Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe.
Target URL can be copied from Export As Command-line. If it works, why did long sequence fail?

If it fails, then maybe next step would be to bypass WebDAV, and see if Nextcloud UI can delete.
None of this can be done without OP help. On Duplicati forum, OP here seems ready to give up.
If not, follow up there. Unfortunately that would leave an unsolved mystery, but those happen…


Actually, I wonder if Nextcloud UI would show a symbol indicating the file is locked? W2G2 does.
How to use W2G2 app in Nextcloud, but I don’t know if this is the same locking as WebDAV 423.
Regardless, one might want to get the file name from the Duplicati log to make UI search easier.

This is what I feared. So one way to improve this on the duplicati side would be to treat 423 as a soft error, instead of a hard error. But I don’t have enough knowledge of how things work in duplicati to judge if it is this easy.

Let’s assume for a second that there’s no bug in nextcloud and no bug in duplicati. Question is then if there’s anything which could lock the files. Any other sync clients or something. But this can only be answered by @Adramelramalech. One test could be to use another nextcloud account, just for backups. And see how this plays out.

It’s a soft error in the sense that things like short network outages and server-side glitches can be bypassed by retrying enough. If error recovery can’t get past them, the backup (or whatever) fails.
While it’s retrying, one doesn’t even hear about it. Maybe that’s a feature but it slows debugging…

Is there a rationale that a 423 be special-cased? The hard error isn’t the 423, it’s exhausting retries.

Yes. Problems frequently need help from their reporter in order to get anywhere. We’re all asking.
We’ll see if anything happens. If more clarification is required, specific polite questions might help.

Sorry, that’s how I understood your post ;-). If the normal retry works when a 423, I don’t see the need of a special handling. I understood retries were not done for a 423.

@Adramelramalech Thanks for the video! Can you please check, that 21.0.7 is indeed the running version? Check under Settings → Overview. I’m wondering, because that Oracle error should be fixed in 21.0.5 already (21.0.5 by blizzz · Pull Request #28987 · nextcloud/server · GitHub).

And look at the hate I got on the other post. Same hate here and same hate from duplicati

Because it is true, every community is the same

And still here I am yapping away and why has no one deleted me yet?

Maybe after all the problem are not the communities…

Ok. I tried. We tried. I’m out, have fun.

@ts678 If anyone has a problem with duplicati and nextcloud or you need help, feel free to swing by.


OMG @Adramelramalech thank you for these threads, this was so much fun!

I totally understand your frustration. It happened to me so many times as well, reaching a dead end while trying to solve a problem on some geeky software i was trying to implement… It is incredibly frustrating. So many of the post i made in stackoverflow-like forums were simply ignored.
And yet, I have never been as far as you are in terms of frustration, I’ve never reached the point where i felt the need to swear against the entire community… but i clearly see how one could get there.

Now, I have no Idea on who you are, what’s your background or what your software skills are, but if you don’t get why your messages are not appropriate (or maybe i should say “not suitable”) when asking for help, then I don’t think anyone can be able to explain it to you. Maybe if you’ll read these threads i ten years, when you’ll have forgotten the specifics of your problem, then you will understand what everyone means…
I actually think I’ve never seen so many people replying with such kindness to your level of frustration (which, by the way, i still believe is justified).

Anyway, there are two options left for you: either give up on trying to do things alone, self hosting, or whatever geeky thing you have limited knowledge on (because not succeeding clearly makes you feel really Baaad), or instead make use of this huge desire you have of answering all The “WHY” questions and exploit it to study more deeply whatever topic your problems falls in. I’d say that with your level of commitment you’d do great with the second option, but there is nothing intrinsically wrong in giving up.

P.S. sorry I cannot help you either on your problem and I don’t mean to turn this into a therapy session :see_no_evil: good luck with everything.

P.P.S. Please don’t delete his threads even if they are unpolite :grin:

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This is what I deal with. People seeing but not comprehending. Not one person asked why I am like this. The very first time I came on to here I made a post saying no .mkv support. I was called stupid and I got punished and muted for a month. Who did that? The person who is so ever helping me so much. Now look at the other guy. How are you going to call someone a troll and at same time pretend you are just so helpful? Every community is the same. I enter, I asked for help and I am faced with d**ks. I asked a simple question and look what I got back from it. Same on every community. Go onto sonar ask a question and get hate. Go onto duplicati, ask a question and I get the hate. I go onto github and I get the hate. Every community.

So let’s go back to the OP. Server is being locked with a 423 error, why?

and it seems to me now they are trying there hardest to prove how helpful they. If they are so helpful then why prove it?

I have reasons.

yes you are right, they are trying to help but like I keep saying it has gotten way out of control and I want for it all to stop but people keep going at it.

This is why i am the way I am.