No Groupware (Calendar, Contacts) in Apps


I have installed NextCloud using the VMWare Image and also from a fresh CentOS 8 installation. On both its missing the GroupWare Contacts / Calendar install option.

At first I assumed the CentOS installation was wrong so I then used the VMWare Image and installed it via ESXI. Same problem no GroupWare Calendar or Contacts. is also offline is this causing the issue?

Any advise is welcome.

Firewalls are disabled.

It’s not just you. Appears to be down at the moment.

When the app store is functioning, nextcloud 20 is very nice. Stick with it.

I love Nextcloud, upgrading it is never boring (pun intended). But seriously I have almost all my digital life in Nextcloud. The rest is in Gitlab :slight_smile:

Closing here. We stay with topic mentioned in #2