No file-integration in Ubuntu 16.04

Hello, I installed the latest NextCcloud client on a Ubuntu 16.04 laptop (using the official deb package).
It synchronise well, but I have no file manager integration… in Dropbox it is nice to have the icons and the right-click contextual menu with the main operations available… is it something like that available also for NextCloud ?

I solved installing the separate packages nextcloud-client-caja nextcloud-client-dolphin nextcloud-client-l10n nextcloud-client-nautilus nextcloud-client-nemo (I don’t know which one is the right one for ubutnu 16.04 file manager, so I installed them all).

I have now the icons and “Share with Nextcloud” item in the contextual menu… it’s a pitty that there are no more options.
To compare, in Dropbox you have (grouped in a “Dropbox” submenu): Copy Dropbox link; View on Dropbox, View History, View Comments.

Would it be possible to add these items in the menu entry ?