No external storage has been configured or you do not have permission to configure them

Hello, I just configured Nextcloud Pi, when trying to configure an external HDD it gives me this error. I access with administrator account How can I solve it


There are two spots for External Storage - the Administrator (global) one and the Personal one. Make sure you’re looking at the correct one: Configuring External Storage (GUI) — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

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I’m trying it like in the guide

From the doc:

“On the left side under Administration select External Storage.”

There are two sections: Personal and Administration. The message you’re seeing is under Personal. Look under Administration.

Thank you, I have already been able to activate what now gives me an error when trying to create it.

What’s the error?

Either check your Nextcloud log or put your cursor over the red icon to get an excerpt of the error in tooltip.

Hello, I already have access to the external HDD, but it does not allow me to upload files or modify, it gives me this error

Check your nextcloud.log for specifics.