No encryption in root-files

Hi everybody, sorry for bad english.
I have activated the server-side encryption. Module activated, key created. New registration.
If I go over sftp into the root directory, the files in folder “data” are totally unencrypted. Also the new files.

what is wrong?

Nothing, that’s expected behaviour. You should notice the file contents are scrambled, but the filenames remain intact.

Do you know why? it doesn’t make sense.

Honestly not a clue. I don’t understand the local implementation at all.
Works great for remote storage though.

Thanks for the honest answer. As a container for sensitive documents then probably not suitable.

Depends I guess, if you have disk-level encryption and are OK seeing filenames I should think it’ll be fine assuming there’s limited exposure on the server itself (ie, no other users with access to the file system). The data will be safe enough.

It won’t be client-side encryption though, ever.