No Email Notification on share with username only?


share a file with user, but user wont get any message / notice about share.
I need to give the email address of the user with whom i share my stuff.
guys, i do noe have access to NSA database, so i dont know other emailaddress :slight_smile:
how can i fix this?

Is the user in Nextcloud? If they are and you share they should get an email if they have their email registered with their account and email is configured.

If this is an external user, ask them for their details?

user is in nextcloud with a valid emailaddress.
and, i tested this with 2 accounts. no one receive an email about share, execept i give the emailaddress instead of username

Hmm, presumably testing email settings from your NC admin succeeds? When you share without email what do you see in the logs?

I have the same problem. When I create an user, I only can set the username and password, and a group. I can’t fill in their emailaddress or any other information.
In the app Contacts I can add users with all kind of personal information. When I share files/folders with these users, they don’t have an account.

Is there a solution for this?

Yes, click the settings icon in the bottom left and check email address.

Ooohh great, thanks a lot!