No Email notification - new activities - upload

I have marked a folder as favorite and checked in my settings under “Activities” that I want to receive an email when a file is loaded into this folder. This should happen hourly. Unfortunately I don’t get an email, although the smtp works correctly. I have received a test mail.

Please provide DETAILED information about your environment, the used software versions and a PRECISE step-by-step description how the problem can be reproduced and which settings you’ve set in which dialog. Please be AS PRECISE as possible so that other can try to reproduce your problem.

NC 19.0.4
I have marked a folder as favorite, with a star.

Then i ticked the notification

But i get no email.
The smtp account is correct, because i get the testmails.

I don’t know if you interpreted the meaning of this parameter correctly, as you wrote that you’ve first starred a folder and then you’ve activated the parameter to send-out a notification on adding a file?

I would usually expect that you need to star a file after you’ve enabled the parameter. Nevertheless I must admin that I haven’t received a notification (email and/or push) for a starred file either, after waiting at least 30min (cron interval: 5min).

If there isn’t a kind of unknown magic in the background which prevents a notification from being sent, I would recommend to open an issue ticket on GitHub to address this problem.

Can you say me how i have to name the issue? What is the sign for nextcloud in github?

There is no naming convenstion, you should choose a subject which summarizes the problem as precise as possible.