No email from activity

Hello everybody . I have a problem with the email notifications on activity, that is, I no longer receive notifications about: folder creation, deleted files, uploads, except only on shared files that are downloaded. I’ve checked everything but can’t figure out where the error is. I use version on nethserver VM . Thanks to all for any information.

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I still have the problem of not receiving email notifications, I checked everything and updated the new version. The cron runs as per the logs below:

Jun 20 08:09:01 neth7 CROND[1842]: (apache) CMD (/usr/bin/php /usr/share/glpi/front/cron.php &>/dev/null)
Jun 20 08:10:01 neth7 CROND[2006]: (apache) CMD (/usr/bin/scl enable rh-php73 – php -d memory_limit=512M -f /usr/share/nextcloud/cron.php)

Checked the admin test settings for the smtp server, everything is as regular in tests for some time. Nothing to do, I don’t understand where tisie can