No e-Mails sent in Nextcloud after upgrading

Is the SMTP bug fixed in version 27.1.4? E-mail notifications stop working every time we have tried to upgrade from version 25.0.5. The bug is described in

I understand that the issue arose after changing from SwiftMailer to Symfony Mailer since version 26. Can I upgrade from 25.0.5 to 27.1.4 without having any issues with SMTP and e-mail notifications? Or do I have to do anything else after upgrading?

Hi @Ronster

Doesn’t really sound like a bug to me but rather some config options / syntax that had to be changed for that user’s specific configuration. I use SMTP with TLS over Port 465 and never had to change anything.

However, some users, that are using STARTLS seem to be had issues, so in the worst case you would have to change or re-apply the correct seetings after the upgrade, (Change from STARTLS to None/STARTTLS) in the web UI, or set them manually in the config.php.

But since staying on NC25 isn’t an option anyways, I suggest you upgrade your instance, and if you can’t get it to work for some reason, open a new thread here. As mentioned above, notifications are working, but depending on your exact configuration, you may need to slightly adjust and/or re-apply your settings.