"No delete permission for path" after upload


my gf’s iPhone has issues with uploading files. It throws an “error code 100” and my NC server logs
OCP\Files\NotPermittedException: No delete permission for path

The files get uploaded and have the same permissions as all other files in the directory. Deleting the cache of the iOS app did not help.

The NC server runs on 15.0RC1 and the issue also appeared on 14.0.4. It seems it first appeared since 14.0.4, so I thought it might be caused by a bug, so I upgraded to the RC hoping it would not have this bug.

Please try with v15 final of the server and v2.22.6 of app.

Issue still exists, so deleted the app and reinstalled it. Trying to login in results in a Connection error or with the old login method “actual no connection possible: (null)” while the server logs a 200 for status.php or remote.php/webdav.