No daily builds for Mac OS?

I am having an issue with the release version of the Mac OS Nextcloud client. After just a few days its memory usage goes over 1GB and I have to close and re-start it and its memory usage goes down to around 80MB, but steadily increases over the next few days.

I read elsewhere that this memory leak has been fixed in a nightly build from around 11 days ago - but if I go to the nightly builds folder I can see plenty of nightlies for Windows and Linux but the Mac OS folder is empty.

Any ideas?

I’ve been reading around but got nowhere - until I read that one user installed the OwnCloud desktop client . . . I downloaded and installed it and was most surprised when it connected to my Nextcloud data folder and proceeded to sync. Memory usage started at 65MB and has since decreased to 52.7MB. Interesting.

After two weeks running continuously the ownCloud client is currently using 52.1MB RAM.

Very telling that I am having a conversation with myself here.

The very last good stable version i know for Nextcloud client is 2.3.3. You should try it ! :wink:

Thank you. Is that going to be better than using the ownCloud client (currently v. 2.5.4)? If so I’ll give it a try.

On every updates i give a try to the newer version to see if my problems get through but i’m still at version 2.3.3.
Syncing 2TB with 3GB of ram use