No „Create Textfiles“ in Mobile Apps

Dear Experts,

I got the following Problem in my Nextcloud-Setup: Neither in IOS nor in Android App it’s possible to create a Textfile.

I can view an existing TXT-File (no edit) but opening MD-Files shows a blank screen.

In IOS-App Settings/Abilities shows „Text: not available“

There is no Menu-Entry in the Context-Menu
(IOS and Android) for creating a Textfile.

Using the WebClient, everything works fine.

I think, there must be a configuration issue at my Nextcloud Server instance but I‘m unable to figure it out.

Nextcloud Server 20.0.8
IOS Nextcloud App
Android Nextcloud App 3.15.1

Installed Text App Version 3.1.0
(I tried disabling Text and installed Plain Text with same result)

Any help would be welcome.



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