No content shown in collectives


I really would like to use the collectives app. But on both of my Nextcloud instances after installation of Collectives and Circles I can see the structure, but not the content of the pages. I just see the follwoing

In the collectives folder in the file system all the content given initially is visible.

What do I have made wrong?

I am using Nextcloud 20.0.9, Collectives 0.5.1, Circles 0.20.8 and text 3.1.0

Thanks for support in advance!

BR Chris

Hey Chris,

what you describe is really strange. We’ve never seen issues with the page content being displayed before. Could you take a look at your browser Javascript error console ( and then “Console” in Firefox or Chrome) and tell us whether any Javascript errors are logged when you load the page?

Hello Mejo,

thanks for support. Added two screenshots of the Firefox’ Browser Console Error Log. I hope this helps you understanding the problem. My software skills are not soo deep… If you need any further information, let me know!




Thanks a lot for the detailed backtrace. I think i was able to track down the issue.
I plan to release a new version (0.6.2) today that includes the fix and would be curious to hear if it solves the problem.


Hi Azul,

I have loaded the update: Now it works.

Thanks a lot to all of you for the support!

All the best