No connection to nextcloud errors

Hi I’m running nextcloud on Ubuntu 16.04 with the following versions

PHP 7.0.28
Nginx 1.10.3
Nextcloud 13.0.1

I am on FreeBSD 11.1 running the owncloudclient, I’m told there’s no differences in nextcloud client right now besides cosmetic not sure how true that isn’t, but nextcloud client is packaged under FreeBSD as of yet.

My nextcloud dir is fairly large at 30Gb. When I setup the client from scratch it will start to sync my files. Maybe a gig into the upload it will stop and say it can’t connect to the server. I’ll ping my server, I’ll login via the web portal. I’ll try then log out and log back in via the client. The issue will persist that "Nextcloud can’t connect to server

If I then remove my account and re-add it, it will start sync again, for maybe another gig then I have to start this whole game over again. I’m pulling my hair out here, hope someone can help me.

I see no errors in my nginx error.log while this is happening.

PS I tried to rule out DNS problems by adding a static entry for the server into /etc/hosts that didn’t seem to help any.

I do have a similar issue I reported here: Client: No connection to server - until I remove and readd the account
Did yours ever get resolved?