No config.php existing


I installed Nextcloud on my raspberry pi3b running the latest Raspbian.
I am using Apache and am able to see the login page of my Nextcloud from the www.Howeverco am not able to sign in, as it tells me my hostname it’s not trusted and that I should configure this in the /config/config.php file. However, there is no such file, only the sample.config.php

I am unsure how to proceed? I tried creating s config.php file and using the trusted domain but this had no effect…

Thank you for any help.

Ps. I am not 100% sure I did everything right during install. After all, I’m new to Linux

hey. welcome to the forum.

as you seem to be new to linux, nextcloud and the forum let me shoot out one advice. try the image-file the guys fromnextcloudpi are getting out on - it’s made for newbies and will help you setting up your instance pretty quickly, safe and sane.

what do you think?
good luck

Hey Jimmy,
Thank you for the recommendation. I’ve been thinking the same as I just fibs this image. Probably will go for this way.

Thank you!

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Are you sure you can write in your directory with apache or www-data user?
my 2 cents