No background when using ddns


quite new to nextcloud, but with help of the Carsten Rieger I was able to install Nextcloud 12 last week on my Raspberry Pi.

Problem I’m facing is that when going from LAN to nextcloud device everything works fine, but when doing it over my ddns address, I get no images anywhere.

I was able to pinpoint the problem to the fact the location of for example the login background is specified as but it should be https:/ddnsaddress//core/img/background.jpg?v=0

If I manually load the image in the browser by changing the url, the image loads.
Don’t know if the problem is within nextcloud or within the nginx proxy.

Thanks for your help in advance,


Did you set the default host in your config.php:

If you don’t do this, your webserver takes the default address which is in your case the local ip.

Hi tflidd,

tried several options this evening in the overwritehost but didn’t help.

As I was curious where the background was actually specified I changed it (new upload). Couldn’t find where is was stored but… image is loaded from both internal and external connection now fine. Don’t know what happened but apparently a bit or byte was not initialized correctly.

Anyway, case closed. Thanks for your help.