No automatic update on desktop client

Support intro

after a new installation, of my server, I encounter problems with the sync on my desktop and I can’t find where to update the client (automatically or not).
Nextcloud server version 27.1.2 (new install)
On debian bookworm (just upgraded)
Apache 2.4.57
PHP 8.2.7

Issue :
Client not up to date (3.4) and sync problems.
I tried first too upgrade the client, but I don’t see where to do it manually nor automatically (the manual says to look in “settings” of the desktop app, but I can’t find it anywhere.
(should I rather put this in “how to” ?)

Depends on how you installed it. You can use the repo or flatpak or appimage or snap. Each has a different update process, which you can control.

Most likely you simply need to define how you want Debian to update.

It is not a Nextcloud issue, but a Debian package management issue instead, which depends on your installation method and update practice.

Thank you,
my sync problem came from a mistake in my call of “cron.php”, but still, to update my desktop client 3.4 (on a windows 10), I could not find where to accept the automatic update (nothing at the bottom of the parameters page). I have uninstalled the 3.4 and installed from scratch the 3.10 and it works fine, and I have now been able to allow the automatic update at the bottom of the parameters page.