No Auto-Login (anymore) for Android App 2.0.0

(Nextcloud server 12.0.3)

Hi all,

I’ve recently switched from Android App (afair RC7) to the newly announced 2.0.0. Plus, maybe the reason :slight_smile:, also to a new phone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Nextcloud app itself works fine, but “forgets” complete credentials including nextcloud’s servername etc. reproducible after each reboot.

So I always have to

  • enter servername
  • “grant access”
  • enter user and pw

even if I set “keep me logged in” (or similar, German in my case)

Once logged in, the previous settings are still “recognized”, e.g. the auto-upload settings.

I’m not sure if this “behaviour” was introduced with an RC of nextcloud app or my new phone, so any hint if this is a known issue also for others would be great.

Thanks in advance,

Are you by any chance using F-Droid app? If so, should be fixed with 2.0.1…