No auto-download of favorite files/folders


I have a problem but I know that it worked some time ago.

I have some folders marked as favorites. Within the IOS-app in the options I selected that my favorites should be downloaded automatically into the app for offline using.

But that is not working anymore. When I enter a folder within the app I can see all files and folders but nothing will be downloaded automatically. I have to select each file manually for downloading.

Anybody an idea why it is not working anymore?

And as suggestion for the app: also missing the option to select all files and/or folders at once. If you have 100 files within a folder and you want to download them you have to select them one by one instead of having the option to select all at once.

Thanks a lot for help.

Hi, fixed with 2.20.8 Cheers


Thanks. Just tested, works fine!


PS: Is it perhaps possible to add a function that you can select all files at once?