No Apps Selection Menu in web interface

I installed NextCloud via Cloudron on a Digital Ocean droplet - it seemed fine. But I have no Apps menu in the Web Interface, so what is wrong? I cannot view or install Apps. Mystified. I’d show a screenshot of what I’ve got but I can’t see how to attach that here.

I’m getting very frustrated here, sorry for being an ignorant novice but I cannot discover how to install apps into nextcloud, all the help and documentation refer to “app management” but where is that? Its not in any menu I can find. The nextcloud app store says things like “downlaod and enable” - download to where? enable how?

Maybe your Nextcloud user is not an admin user?

Thanks for the response. I only have one user and its the admin user.

Your hint was enough. Thanks. Issue resolved. It was because I installed Nextcloud via Cloudron and that masked the admin account and auto created an ordinary user account. I re-installed Nextcloud and selected “Let the app manager users”, now its fine. Thanks.