No Appointments can be made

Recently, I can no longer create new appointments in the calendar app. Simply, the button to create scheduling appointments is no longer there.
Nextcloud 28.0.6 calendar 4.7.6

I cannot confirm that finding on my server, using the same program/app versions. I think you need to provide more detailed information about your environment etc., based on the support template, and describe what you’ve changed last and since when you are exactly missing that button.

BTW, usually a new appointment can also be created by clicking on a day/time in the calendar view. Does this work for you?

Sorry, english is not my first language, so was a bit unclear. I can make new “meetings” in the calendar, but I can’t make “aapointments” any longer. So that others can “book” an appointment with me, when the conflicting-calenders are not against this.