No access to Nextcloudplus account / config.php

Hello everybody.

Yesterday I put Nextcloudplus 13 on my Raspberry Pi 3 MB. In the NCP Panel I changed passwords and everything seemed to be fine.
But in the Nextcloud configuration overview in the NCP Panel it shows that my domain is put three times as a trusted domain.
So I wanted to change it configuring config.php.
But I cannot access to my ncp account.
When I try to acces via SSH Putty closes/crashes immediatly.

When I try to access via screen it says:
“No directory, logging in with HOME=/
This account is currently not available.”

Anybody got an idea?

Thanks Daniel

Try logging in with the user: pi and (default-) password: raspberry
After your first login it should ask you to change the password.

Is ssh enabled? - you can activate it in the NCP-Web Panel at the ssh-section

NCP is raspbian, so you can SSH (if activated) with user pi. ncp user is only for ncp-web

But why would you want to change those domains? those are managed by NCP and there is no harm in them being duplicated so why not leave them?

One is from letsencrypt, other from dnsmasq, other from DDNS if you are curious. In theory, you could have different domains for all of them and NCP supports that.

So I logged in with user pi and changed the password. Anyway I cannot access the Nextcloud folder because there are no permissions…

sudo nano /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php

type your changed password of the user pi when it askes you

then you can delete the entrys and save with “Ctrl + O”

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Thanx for your explications. I did not know that ncp user ist only for ncp-web :expressionless:
And I think your are right saying that there is no reason to change that.

Thanx a lot!! That works. I will handle my new knowledge with care :slightly_smiling_face:

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