No access to external storage - local mount

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I have instaled nextcloud in a docker-environment, by using docker-compose.

I mounted a local dirctory from my host system in the docker container. In nextcloud settings I added this (mounted) directory as an external storage (local).

With the last nextcloud version I was able to access all files and directorys in this folder. Since the newes update of nextcloud-version I am no more able to find my files and directory in the external storage, with the exception of one file, wich I created in nextcloud itself in the past.

So I asume, that there could be a permission-problem, so that nexcloud could noch more finde the mounted files from the host system.

In Terminal I opened the nextcloud container and in the mounted directory I could find all files wich I were seachring for. - I searched the topic in the web an I could find the advice, that the user www-data needs to have read-write-access to all files and directory. But now I don’t know how to set these necessary permissions, because on my host system the user www-data does not exist.

As you see, I’m a very newie in stuff like this. I would be verry grateful for every kind of help. I could post more Informations about my setup, if this is useful. Please let me know.

Thanks for your Help in advance and best regards - Daniel

I’m wondering the same thing.
Most guides do not apply in a dockerized environment.
I guess you could include the folders by smb instead of “local storage”. There you can map/enforce a certain user when accessing files. But also cumbersome to set up…

What is the best practice?