No access to app store


Since I upgraded to NC 18 from NC 17 I am no longer able to visit the app store.

I have re-installed NC 18 from scratch, but the installer refuses to install the “recommended” apps, and I also cannot access the app store from the menu.

As I have seen in some articles, I checked to see whether I have an “appstoreurl” setting, but that is not the case. As far as I can see, everything else works as expected.

I am running this on NGINX 1.16.1, PHP 7.3.17

I think your Nextcloud must be able to download apps from the url.
Perhaps you are behind a firewall or proxy.

Test it on the nextcloud in the linux console:
wget https://

What about updates? Do updates work?

Well, I am behind a “standard” firewall built into my dsl connection. Ports 80 and 443 are routed to my server, of course.
I am a bit confused which url you want me to test. In Fetcher.php I found a partial url, but I don’t know which endpoint to add to the base url (

The message I get when running a fresh install , setting all requested parameters and keep the option “Install recommended apps” checked, is this : “Could not fetch list of apps from the app store”

Since I try this with a fresh install, I can’t say about updates.