No Access over Local Network

Hey there
I hope someone out there can help me with that.
I’ve done a complete Installation of Nextcloud on my RaspberryPi gen2. with that Guide.

Nextcloud Guide

Everything seems to work fine but i can’t reach my Nextcloud Server correctly with my Local network.
Normally the Server should be available over a Local IP Adress and from Outside the Network with a DynDNS entry.
My Problem is that when i use the Nextcloud App, put the DynDNS Adress in there and my Mobile Phone is in the local WLAN i can’t access my Server. When I connect my Phone via the Cellular Network and try to reach my Nextcloud everything works fine. The Connection from the local Network did work until I made an update of my Nextcloud Setup…
When i enter the DynDNS Adress in my Safari Web browser i can reach the Cloud from my local network…
To me this is really strange, it works, but it doesn’t work…

Did you try nextcloud.local within your network, or have changed the internal name?

I didn’t change the internal name. It is no problem to reach the Server like i said for example with my Safari Browser, i can reach it in the local network over the local IP Adress and the DynDNS Adress, even in the Cellular Network…
But trying to reach it with the Nextcloud App or the Nextcloud Client over the DynDNS Adress didn’t work for me anymore…
I did a fresh Install yesterday and it’s working now. Is it possible that IPTABLES or Fail2ban was the Problem?
In this setup now, i only do the steps the Guide says, after that i did a SSL Check and the Nextcloud Sec. Check - A+ on booth. Maybe its better not to use IPTABLES and Fail2ban?

thats normal that you have issues if you use the external ip in the lan inside of it. For a clean setup you need to use an internal DNS Server which forwards the name to the internal IP and the external nameserver to the public ip.

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What would be the easiest way?
I am able to log from the internet but not internally, the internal ip gets translated to the subdomain i have in duckdns
My router is a disgusting alcatel-nokia fiber optic gpon
Not sure where the dns server setup is…

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If you only have one or two local clients, you might get away using the etc/hosts file too.
There you enter the internal IP and the Domain.