No Acces to nextcloud via myfritz

I cannot access to nextcloud via myfritz.
I have added the my fritz link
to the trusted domains

But it still says, no access to a nontrusted domain.
Where is the error?

pi 3+
myfritz activated
nextcloud 18.0.8

Thanks Fly

What exact url are you entering to access your Nextcloud?
Are you trying to access Nextcloud using a local wifi or over the internet?

Hopefully the correct path and filename. Sorry i do not use NextcloudPi:

Can you post your config.php

sudo cat /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php
(delelte all your private information)

Perhaps you must use another user e.g. root or nextcloud user.

It doesent matter where I use it.

If I use my mobile Device via LTE i get the same message.
When I use my local PC, I am able to connect with the direct link(The IP Adress of my pi)
If I use the edge Browser from LAN and enter the external link,
I am rejected, or better not allowed to access

It is solved.
Thanks for this hint.
I have seen, there was an underscore, automatically generated from the configtool.
I now removed it and I am able to access from the internet.



Ok. If you like can you delete your configuration in the last post.