No 2way sync on android device

We have 2 smartphones (1- Realme 6 Pro with android 11, 2- Huawei P20 Pro with Android 10)
We configured auto upload camera folder and auto move it to internal nextcloud folder (/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client)
1 device When I delete files from gallery application they are also deleted from server. So 2way sync works correct as on PC with Nextcloud client when you remove some files from file manager.
On device 2 it does not work. When I remove some files frome gallery application they are not removed from server.
Is it a bug? Should it always be as on device 1?

I also checked 3 device with AOSP android without google services. 2way sync does not work.
And I installed Folder sync which works fine and absolutely correct!

Nextcloud mobile does not perform its basic functions and need to be improved.