Nginx and Nextcloud - steps after installation


I have Owncloud and now Nextcloud (new installation, not upgraded) running on a Synology NAS which uses nginx.
The installation worked fine and i have currently no problems.
Synology switched from Apache to nginx during the last update and I dind’t really regocnized it.

I haven’t done any further configuration of nginx.
So my questions are do I have to configure something to ensure a stable environment?
And what about the htaccess file that comes with the Nextcloud installation which is ignored by nginx? Do i have to convert it?

Nginx use “.user.ini” instead of the “.htaccess” file.

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So would it be a good idea to put the configuration from the htaccess (not things i want to configure, but the lines that are already part of the installation) into this user.ini?

You may include a standard set of PHP ini configuration settings in it:
e.g. :
upload_max_filesize = 2M
post_max_size = 3M
Reload php-fpm or wait for the .user.ini TTL to hit (5 minutes default)


Ok, this seems already to be there.
Thx for your help.