Nextlcoud Webdav sync with enpass

Hi there, i am currently running Nextcloud 23.0.2 on a Debian 11 Server. i am also using Enpass (a passwordmanager) on multiple devices to sync passwords. it uses my Nextcloud instance to store the vault. Since the update to 23.0.1 (i guess) it does not synchronize anymore saying, that i am using a wrong password (this happens on ios client, linux client and osx client. i have no idea about win, since i dont use it). This Problem appears also when i try to directly connect to webdav from enpass.

I know its (most definitely) not the fault of Nextcloud, but rather Enpass, but i am anyways writing here to figure out two things:

  • did anything changed in the last few updates concearning the login or webdav impementation? (i cannot find anything in the change logs), wich could help the devs from Enpass to solve the issue?

  • is there any way to get some more logs on the nextcloud side telling me what might go wrong when trying to sync? no matter what i set the logging to, i do not get any logs inside of the admin panel. Where would i search for more in depth logs?

Any idea or help would be aweseome

Thanks a lot!